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Current Scholarship List

Presidential Scholarships

Presidential Scholarships are funds with a contributed principal of $30,000 or more. 

Dr. Larry & Judy Abraham Athletic Scholarship

Eugene & Teddy Adams Scholarship

American Institute of Wine and Food Wichita Chapter Scholarship
This is the first endowed scholarship for Butler Community College’s Culinary and Hospitality Arts Programs. The AIWF was started by noteworthy chef and celebrity Julia Child in 1981. The Wichita chapter has already donated more than $65,000 to culinary and continuing education scholarships at Kansas schools.

Anonymous Nursing Scholarship

George & Frances Banks Scholarship

Sol & Mildred Blum Nursing Scholarship

Anna Louise Borger Memorial Scholarship
Anna Louise Borger lived in El Dorado for much of her life.  She graduated from Butler. Upon her death, Anna Louise left $50,000 to the Butler Community College for general scholarships.

Butler County General Academic Scholarship

Winnie Broers Estate Scholarship
The Winnie Broers Estate Scholarship was set up in 1980 through Winnie Broer’s last will and testament for a graduating student transferring to Kansas State University or the University of Kansas.

Bill & Lucy Callaway Golden Bear Athletic Scholarship

Samuel R. Clifford Agriculture Scholarship
Established by Clifford Stones’ children in memory of his maternal grandfather.

Clara R. Connell Nursing Scholarship
The Clara Connell fund was established in 1982 by Mary K. and O.J. Connell, Jr. in memory of O.J.’s mother. Mr. Connell was a charter member of the Endowment Association’s Board of Directors and a life-long resident of Butler County.

O.J. Connell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
This fund was established by family and friends to honor O.J. Connell, Jr.

O.J. & Mary K Connell Presidential Scholarship
This scholarship was endowed in 1998 and was designed to attract top-notch students to Butler Community College. Made possible by the children of O.J. and Mary K. Connell as a 55th wedding anniversary gift, it was the first of its type for the Butler Vision campaign in 2000.

Ray & Carolyn Connell Presidential Scholarship
Established by Ray & Carolyn Connell, this scholarship benefits a student pursing an education or pre-law degree. Mr. and Mrs. Connell are prominent members of the El Dorado community and great champions of Butler Community College and the work of the Foundation.

Warren Hall Coutts, III Scholarship
This fund was established in 1976 in memory of Warren Hall Coutts, III by his father, Warren Hall Coutts, Jr., a prominent El Dorado attorney. The younger Coutts, a 33-year-old attorney, was killed in an airplane crash in 1965 in western Kansas. In addition to the endowed art scholarship fund, his father created a living memorial through the Warren Hall Coutts, III Museum of Art in downtown El Dorado.

El Dorado USD 490 Scholarship
This fund was established during the 1991 Scholarships –Making It Happen campaign and benefits an El Dorado High School graduate.

Frank & Beverly Gaines Nursing Scholarship
This fund was established by Frank and Beverly Gaines of Hamilton, Kan. Frank was an attorney, banker, and was a Kansas senator for many years and is an honorary member of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Gamble-Morgan Scholarship

Graham Family Scholarship

Dennis W. & Ardis I. Hanson Scholarship
This fund was established to help young people obtain a college education. The Hanson’s have been residents of El Dorado since 1960 and are proud of Butler Community College and what it provides.

Herbert & Lois Hart Scholarship
The Hart scholarship was established in 1982 by Herb and Lois Hart, El Dorado residents.  Herbert was in the oil business and died in 1993. The Hart’s were friends of the 1982 Endowment Director Sandra (Howard) Seward of Augusta.

Clyde Hiebert Scholarship for Science
Albert Einstein once said: “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.”  Clyde J. Hiebert lived a life that not only served, but also taught others the fulfillment of what service means as a life’s purpose.  In all aspects of Clyde’s life he served.

Clyde and Betty Hiebert attended Kansas State Teachers College (Emporia State University) where he proposed to her in Memorial Hall. He went on to receive a Masters degree from Northern Iowa University in 1959.  In 1965, they moved to El Dorado to accept a teaching position at Butler Community College. He taught chemistry there for 32 years retiring in 1998 with a total of 47 years as an educator.

As an educator, Clyde is remembered for his ability to simplify complex concepts and to coach science phobic students to success. He has had a tremendous and lasting impact on the hundreds and hundreds of students he taught. He retired after teaching the grandchild of a former student. He developed a ‘Suitcase Chemistry” course that used lab kits that fit into travel coolers for use in remote classrooms without chemistry labs. He presented this course at several national conferences.

Phaedrussaid that a learned man has always riches in himself.  Mr. Hiebert frequently said that he never had much money, but that he was rich.  He looked at his children and his students and saw the successes they achieved in service unto others.  May this scholarship in his name continue the service unto others that was such a strong tenet of Clyde’s life.

Lola Lee Jackson Animal Welfare Scholarship

Chuck & Deann Korte Scholarship
Established by Chuck & Deann Korte of Augusta, this scholarship benefits graduates from the Bluestem, Augusta, and Douglass high schools.

Lattner Family Foundation Scholarship
This general scholarship was established by the Lattner Family Foundation in Delray Beach, Florida.

“The Lattner Family Foundation will work to continue the legacy of our founder, Forrest C. Lattner, reflecting his entrepreneurial goals and his spirit of generosity, common sense, persistence, determination, and fiscal responsibility, as well as his Christian values.  

We wish to make a significant difference by supporting creative and innovative programs that encourage hope and personal responsibility in our chosen areas of giving. We will look for projects which advance solutions and inspire others to contribute.” – taken from 

Leadership Studies Scholarship
Funded by a grant, the Leadership Studies Scholarship benefits a student enrolled in Leadership Studies or who completes 45 hours of service learning.

Elaine Mann Scholarship
Established by Ron Mann in honor of his daughter Elaine, the Elaine Mann Schoalarship benefits a non-traditional female student.

Brian R. Miller Family Presidential Scholarship
Established through the estate of Brian R. Miller.

Dorothy A. Miller Presidential Scholarship

Jack A. Miller Men’s Basketball Endowed Scholarship
This endowed fund was established in November 1994 by Mr. Miller’s wife Maxine and his daughter Jacqueline Cain.

Richard B. Miller Presidential Scholarship

Isador & Sophia Molk Nursing Scholarship
The Molk endowment was established in 1977 in memory of Sophia Berman Molk and Isador Molk of El Dorado, Kan. Mrs. Molk was born in Lithuania and came to the United States as a small child. She married Isador Molk in New York and came to live in El Dorado in 1921. She was a noted author and poet who wrote several published books and retired secretary for the American Red Cross. Mrs. Molk was a member of the Hebrew Synagogue, the Sisterhood, and the Authors Club and was very interested in health education

Isador & Sophia Molk Vocational Tech Scholarship
The Molk endowment was established in 1977 in memory of Sophia Berman Molk and Isador Molk of El Dorado, Kan. Mrs. Molk was born in Lithuania and came to the United States as a small child. She married Isador Molk in New York and came to live in El Dorado in 1921. She was a noted author and poet who wrote several published books and retired secretary for the American Red Cross. Mrs. Molk was a member of the Hebrew Synagogue, the Sisterhood, and the Authors Club and was very interested in health education.

Shirley & Morris Moon Scholarship

Clara M. Myers Nursing Scholarship
This Nursing/Allied Health scholarship was established in 1996 in memory of Clara M. Myers, long-time El Dorado resident.  Clara loved music, enjoyed bowling , and was an avid golfer.  She had three daughters and one son, Marc Myers of El Dorado.  Her daughters are Barbara Myers Dankert of El Dorado, Harriet Brazil of Kansas City, and May Lou Duncan of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Nixon Scholarship
The Nixon fund was established in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Nixon of El Dorado.  Mr. Nixon was a life-long supporter of the college and a faculty member. The Butler Community College library was named in his honor at his retirement. Mr. Nixon’s family continues to contribute to his scholarship.

Martin Park Scholarship

Parsons/Kunkle Memorial Scholarship
The Esther Parsons fund was established by her family in her memory in 1968. Esther had been interested in becoming a nurse since she was a child, however, her parents wanted her to pursue a career in education. Esther taught school in southwestern Butler County for two years, then began working at the hospital, eventually becoming an x-ray technician. Esther worked in the medical field until her death in 1966. The Esther Parsons Nursing Scholarship is the oldest endowed scholarship at Butler Community College and was renamed in recent years to honor her and her daughter.

Professional Engineering Consultants Scholarship
PEC is one of the largest engineering firms in Kansas. The firm has been annually recognized as one of the top 500 design engineers in the country since 1993. More than 250 people are employed in six locations in Kansas and Oklahoma.  The firm was instrumental in significant projects at Butler Community College and in El Dorado, Kan. Those projects include BG Products Veterans Sports Complex and facilities for BG Products and Barton Solvents.

Jim & Sally Reeves Presidential Nursing Scholarship

Shriver Family Scholarship

Bill Shriver has a long family history in Butler County.  His great-grandfather Joshua homesteaded in Butler County in 1869. Bill’s parent, grandparents, and great-grandparents are all buried in Butler County. Bill was born in El Dorado in December 1935 and was raised in Augusta, Kan. He graduated from Augusta High School and in 1958 from New Mexico State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. In 1989, Bill was later honored by New Mexico State University honorary “Doctor of Laws”.

Bill worked his way through college and later joined the United States Army serving as a 1st Lieutenant. While attending demolition school in Indian Head, MD, Bill was introduced to Evelyn. Evie was visiting her brother who was an Army buddy of Bill’s. At the time, Evie was a stewardess with North American Airlines. Evie was born in November 1936 in Minnesota and was raised there as well. She and Bill married in April 1959 at Zion Lutheran Church in Lyon County, Minn. Their first home was in Fayetteville, NC.

Later Bill went to work for Phillips Petroleum where he moved his family 17 times in his 35 year career. Bill’s last assignment with Phillips was as President of Phillips Pipeline Company.

Bill and Evie started acquiring land in Butler County in the 1980’s including past family land east of Leon. After Bill’s retirement from Phillips in 1993, he and Evie moved back to Butler County and established an Angus cowherd. They ran their cow operation for 20 years before selling out and officially retiring.

The Shriver’s have three adult children and eight grandchildren. They are generous supporters of Butler Community College, SCARF, Augusta Caring Center, and their local church activities.

Ray Sparks & Helen Reynolds Art & Creative Writing Scholarship
This scholarship fund was established in 1996 for art and creative writing students in memory of Raymond Sparks, a Butler Community College adjunct instructor, by his sister Helen Reynolds.

Clifford Stone Agriculture Scholarship
Cliff Stone is a man who has made the world a better place to live, especially in Kansas.  His hometown of El Dorado and his interest in Wichita both led to him becoming a benefactor of his great generosity and wisdom. Cliff has been quoted as being a philanthropist and humanitarian, but these hardly begin to describe this kind and humble man. There is not enough room to list the accomplishments Cliff achieved.  Cliff was a pilot with the 15th Air Force in WWII. Shot down on his 51st mission, he became a POW at Stalag 1 for the remainder of the war.

Upon returning to El Dorado, Cliff began his career as owner of Walnut Valley State Bank, now Commerce Bank. He was on the Board of Directors and a major contributor to the Butler County Historical Museum, Kansas Oil Museum, Butler Community College, Coutts Museum of Art, El Dorado Inc., Red Cross, Celebration of Freedom, Freedom Memorial, and many more. All of these organizations have benefited from his innovative ideas and financial contributions.

In Wichita, Cliff was a major contributor and supporter to the Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita Art Museum, Botanica, The Wichita Symphony, Wichita Children’s Home, Exploration Place, Sedgwick County Zoo, and many other organizations.  Cliff’s service to Wichita has been unsurpassed. Those who knew Cliff loved him. At the age of 90, he was still a visionary and his generous financial contributions are only a part of his gifts. Cliff also contributed his time and leadership efforts to make Kansas a better place.

Wilber E. Stone Agriculture Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Clifford W. Stone in honor of his father, Wilber Ernest Stone.  Wilber Stone passed away a short time after Cliff graduated from Kansas State College in Manhattan in 1939.  Wilber E. Stone and his wife Mrs. Olive Clifford Stone owned and operated Stone Farms in Butler, McPherson and Finney counties.   

William E. Stone Agriculture Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Clifford W. Stone in honor of his grandfather.  William Emanuel Stone came to Butler County from Berlin, Germany in 1879.  William E. Stone later became one of the wealthiest citizens in El Dorado.

Fenton Loy & Louise M. Sullivan Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1982 by a planned gift from Louise Sullivan.

L.U. & Crystal West Scholarship
L.U. West was a strong supporter of education, both at Fort Scott Community College, near his home in Bourbon County and Butler Community College. His term as Butler County superintendent of schools was one of his proudest achievements.

Mark D. & Vera Frances White Memorial Scholarship
In 2004 Mark and Vera Frances White established this scholarship to support Butler Community College Students majoring in Nursing.